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Metro Recreation History Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Metro Recreation History Assignment - Essay Example Abraham Lincoln is remembered in the U.S. history for the role he played in bringing to an end the institution of slavery. Lincoln was very vocal against slavery. His ascension to power prompted seven southern states to secede from the Union as a protest to presidents antislavery sentiments. Other four states followed suit later on prompting the start of the Civil War in 1861. In the course of the war, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most signification speeches against slavery that is popularly referred to as the Emancipation Proclamation. The Congress approved an amendment abolishing slavery in the United States. Unfortunately, Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 soon after the war came to the end. However, his message against slavery was deeply entrenched in the American constitution and nobody could reverse that. The congress reached a unanimous decision two years later to build Lincoln’s memorial. Lincoln Monument Association was charged with this responsibility. The sit e of the memorial was decided in 1901 and approval of the $2 million Lincoln Memorial Bill was reached in 1911 under President Taft. The memorial was officially dedicated to Lincoln’s memorial in 1922 by retired President Taft. In 1963, during the civil rights movements led by Martin Luther King, Jr., the essence of this memorial was once again brought to light. Dr. King delivered the famous â€Å"I have a dream† speech which reminded American of the Emancipation Proclamation which was signed by Lincoln. King called on America to rise up and grant blacks their full freedom as envisioned by the degree. Since then, the memorial has become synonymous with freedom and equality for every person living in the United States of America. Recreation is described as an activity someone engages in during their leisure or free time. This time is always acknowledged for its ability to instil or redeem so social

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Sex and the Sickbed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sex and the Sickbed - Essay Example Death is one such feeling that is not easily dealt by individuals under differential circumstances. The story ‘Sex and the Sickbed’ also mentions the same ideology of a partner losing out to another’s sexual needs and thus dying prematurely. This is a very unfortunate act which has happened for all the wrong reasons, as far as the story is concerned. The story is therefore a depiction of how a person meets the most significant challenges of his life. This has been stated within the story itself where Jennifer had to undergo pain because Neil had died and thus she had lost her as a partner. What Jennifer missed about Neil the most was that they would not be able to enjoy their sex life in the future which was a source of happiness for both of them. However, this will not suffice in the coming times as death has prevailed for the couple and they have parted ways through natural means. The case with human life is no different. One of the most disadvantageous aspects of human life is that it has to come to an end unexpectedly. This has been proven with the advent of time as people die every now and then, and hence their lives finish with others having dear hopes from them. There is a dire need to find out how these challenges can be addressed with the changing times (Rosenthal, 2009, 61). This is because the challenges change and hence the requirements alter as well. However, death is one significant mark that leaves a lot to be desired of as far as the human disposition is concerned. One must fathom the true meaning of death before commenting on it, and more so within the story of â€Å"Sex and the Sickbed†. The story gives a very true picture of how Jennifer would have to deal with Neil’s untimely death and what the consequences would be in the long range scheme of things. Neil left an indelible mark on the mind of Jennifer who is unable to deal with it and thinks of the sex life that they shared. With this, one easily understand s how complicated it is to make-do with life’s varied complexes and challenges that come about every now and then. Prioritizing them as the most important amongst the several ones is an arduous task, and more so when the discussion is centered on the story â€Å"Sex and the Sickbed†. This is because for Jennifer, Neil’s death is something that comes out as a serious and grave problem which shall remain with her entirety until the time she is alive. Not only is she missing Neil, she would have to miss the sex life that they shared as well. These are distressing times for Jennifer and she must come to terms with the same, the sooner the better for her own self (Author Unknown, 2007). The challenges keep on becoming bigger as the responsibility increases upon one’s own self. However, there are different implications for the people under varied circumstances as has been proven true in the story â€Å"Sex and the Sickbed† itself. Thus what is required n ow is a perceptual change in understanding that things need to be comprehended well before they are seen as being difficult or complex in entirety. This will solve a number of issues and concerns which have been coming on to the horizon, and more so within the lives of the people in the times much like today. In the end, it would be sound to state that the story hits the nail on the head. This is because people feel that the most complex problems could be ascertained if only the gravity of the quagmire is found out. This takes place through an understanding about the features which hurt the most and which shall create uproar for all the wrong reasons. The story is also judgmental as far as comprehending how the problems could be tackled, if and only if there is a collective understanding to bring about resolutions for the sake of sanctity in this world. All