Thursday, September 26, 2019

Pearl Group of India Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 words

Pearl Group of India - Case Study Example In the situation where world markets are contracting due to the recession the company needs to rectify the situation immediately or it is like to suffer irreversible losses. Â  The company has ample resources but the Board of Directors is convinced that some of its resources need to be reviewed for efficiency and results. To achieve such Functional capability and efficiency, the Board mandated the management to organize all its operations that were spread over a wide geographical area. They were given a time frame of twelve months to complete this exercise. Â  It is understood that the way to achieving efficiencies lies in Technology up-gradation. This was the most important, yet the weakest of all resources they have. To overcome this issue it was agreed that the best option was to have an integrated ERP solution and to discard the several smaller software packages. This would result in the seamless flow of data from point to point and instant information will be possible. This would form the backbone of the efficient organization. The ERP would provide the required system that was missing and would bring back resilience and efficiency in the organization. Most losses occur due to bad decisions that rely on inaccurate data or on assumptions only; therefore the biggest benefit of an ERP is whoever receives a meaningful report is able to take informed decision and thus ensure an increase in productivity and profits. Â  Use of computers has become universal and small packages have been developed to Inventory Management system. These are very versatile and give good and fast results and perform well when used in smaller organizations. When large organizations use them they are found short of requirements on several counts.

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