Thursday, December 19, 2019

Lung Cancer The Most Common Cancer - 1547 Words

Lung Cancer Lung cancer is a tumor that affects either one or both of the lungs.A primary cancer begins in the lungs and a secondary cancer begins in another place in the body and makes its way up towards the lungs. Lung cancer is the 5th most common cancer. In Australia 59% of males were diagnosed were as 41% of Australian females were diagnosed. Symptoms A lasting cough that continually gets worse. Pains in the chest that hurt or gets worse when you laugh breath deeply etc. Hoarseness- A scratchy and weak voice, or difficulty to speak. Loss of appetite and weight. Coughing up blood, spit or phloem. Shortness of breath, not being able to talk for a long time. Develop a tired and weak feeling. Infections such as bronchitis etc, goes and†¦show more content†¦A CT scan provides a more detailed look at the tumour and it also provides information on lymph nodes and other organs in the area. PET Scan- A PET [positron emission tomography] scan is only had at major hospitals. It is most commonly carried out on patients with lung cancer were a biopsy wasn t possible/inconclusive. Before having this scan you will be injected with a radioactive glucose solution, which takes roughly about 30-90 minutes to spread around the body, and once it spread the scan can commence. Its scans for hot spots in the body where active cells located, such as cancer cells. Although all activity doesn t necessarily mean there are cancer cells that s why you must have a specialist to examine the PET scan. Sputum Cytology- Sputum Cytology is a liquid examination of mucus [liquid phlegm] from your lungs [sputum]. You are able to get a sample by coughing very deeply and forcefully, to keep the sample put it in a tight jar in the fridge until the doctor must examine it for any abnormal cells. Fine Needle for Aspiration It is a way to obtain cells used for diagnosis, and is best used for when the tumor is on the outer parts of the lung. Using an x-Ray machine, to locate the best place to insert the needle through the chest wall into the tumor. When the doctors remove the needle it can withdraws a small piece of the tumor this

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