Friday, July 26, 2019

Everybody loves Raymond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Everybody loves Raymond - Essay Example Ray’s parents Marie and Frank, are also part of this equation as they regularly disturb the couples in midst of this dilemma to cause havoc and chaos. In one episode, Ray asked Debra of he could allocate his funds in a go-kart track in which she said no. He goes and invests his money anyways without her approval. He eventually tells her, which makes her angry. As a result, he was forced to sleep downstairs in the sofa. These are problems that undoubtedly are prevalent in most American societies. The family dynamic in Everybody loves Raymond tries to imitate the typical American life during the 1900’s. Ray is the sole provider for his family as he is the â€Å"bread winner.† Consequently, his wife, follows the â€Å"cult of domesticity† as she cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids. This model illustrates the core American family values that existed within that time frame. The typical day in Ray’s family consists of him doing something extremely si lly. One of the most intriguing and a mishap stereotypes is the fact that something silly always happen. Ray will do something silly, which does not often occur in an American family system. Another major flaw is the fact that they live this almost perfect ideal life in which no big crisis occurs. Evidently, that does not hold true. In an American family, the husband or wife may cheat. ... The cultural values portrayed in this show are biased towards a traditional system. It does not depict the reality of the current American values in which both the husband and wife work. I would describe this family as a family that is always jolly and far from traditional. A more realistic approach is presented in 7th heaven show. The depiction of the family problems from my perspective, are very one-dimensional. Consequently, in 7th heaven, shows a more realistic view of a modern American family in which the son runs away or gets his girlfriend pregnant. Everybody loves Raymond is more conservat ive in that aspect that it only shows the ideal stereotypes of family that everyone possesses. Another key flaw in this television show is the fact that Ray is completely uninterested in his kids. While Deb and Ray are the focal point in the show, the kids are present to supplement the comedy that is prevalent in show. Ray tends to ignore his children for the majority of time and occasionally will glare at them to prove a certain point. Ray also wants to dominate his personality as a dad to prove â€Å"masculinity† so he can embed fear and make himself look better. Clearly, most couples that have kids are inclined to pay attention to their kids in a conventional model. From a modern perspective, I disagree with the family unit that is presented. The audience that is in Everybody loves Raymond was aimed for more baby boomers and not for the modern audience. In the modern world, the family unit is more complicated and vast. The dynamic family values that were presented and have drastically evolved. To certain extent, I think the family model is consistent compared to other TV channels.

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