Sunday, July 28, 2019

The future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The future - Essay Example Thus, my analysis of the future will begin with the likely changes and trends that will emerge in the global society. One country cannot be analyzed in isolation of the larger global community. Geographical and political boundaries are being eradicated by the elimination of trade barriers and rapid integration of capital markets. The world is quickly becoming a global village which facilities the entry of products, services, people, and capital in each country. Alongside is the huge advancement in technology. Technological breakthroughs brought products which are important in promoting efficiency in business operations. These advances ripple to households and individuals in the form of luxury and convenience. I believe that these trends will continue in the future. Furthermore, these factors will have the most significant impact in the personal and family life. The rapid integration of markets in the global community will have a huge effect in my personal life specifically in my career. I know that this development, together with companies' increasing preference of having a more diversified workforce will bring me face to face with people having different cultures. The interaction with these individuals will affect me in more ways that I can imagine. It is irrefutable that a person is shaped by his immediate environment.

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