Thursday, August 15, 2019

How I Would Change The Immigration Healthcare Reform Essay

The debate over a comprehensive healthcare package has continued to rage on even after Obama signed the healthcare reform bill on May 4, 2010. Decades of rift and bad blood had finally culminated in the legislation of the healthcare reform. The stage is now set for the implementation of the long awaited savior of the masses. However, the healthcare reform package is not to be entirely loved, in as much as there is conflict in the aspect of immigration and healthcare provision, and the issue of immigrants and denied access to health insurance cannot be over sighted- at least for the illegal ones. That illegal immigrants would not be included in the federal health insurance scheme is a time bomb waiting to explode, as even documented immigrants were shorn of access to Medicaid in their first five years of residence, in the past. One can argue that it would not be right for tax payers to subsidize healthcare benefits for illegal immigrants who probably contribute less to the national income, but what about those who are earning well and have a secure source of livelihood. Whether â€Å"well to do† illegal immigrants would be allowed to purchase their insurance on the health insurance exchange is another matter to consider. As the keyword of this tenure has been change, there should be no frets when I put myself in the shoes of the president on how I would change the immigration healthcare reform. The fact is that, depriving illegal immigrants’ access to healthcare insurance would only increase numbers in emergency rooms, invariably service provision and pressure on resources. In view of this, I would allow illegal immigrants to access full government healthcare benefits, and if that is so difficult, I would permit those that have the financial capacity to purchase their healthcare insurance outright. After all, good healthcare should be available to everyone.

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