Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Marketing communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing communications - Essay Example So now there is a desperate need to introduce, develop and implement various marketing communications tools in order to cater for the needs and influence the buying patterns of this ‘average bloke’ group. For any marketing plan to be successfully implemented, we first need to evaluate all possible communication tools and methods to promote the product. Next we need deduce what communication tools would best work for the product, and influencing the consumer to the maximum potential as well. Although women aged between 30 to 50 years are properly segmented and targeted, this is not the same for men of the same age group. First we need to construct a profile for the ‘average bloke’, defining their traits and personality characteristics. ‘Average Bloke’, tend to purchase based on their experiences. They buy the product based on quality mostly, and can easily compromise over quantity. Average bloke don’t waste time in buying a product, and wi sh to acquire the maximum information about a product in the least amount of time. Furthermore, average bloke recommend purchase decision based on WOM (Word Of Mouth), which is mostly preferred from family members and friend’s circle. Average bloke also spend less time on shopping as compared to women of the same age group, hence it can be deduced that for the average bloke time is of value. And if the purchasing time is less, the amount of satisfaction derived is the greatest. Average bloke, mostly feel that marketing strategies are just aimed at fooling the consumers into buying a useless product, hence the campaigns used to influence them should portray traits of sincerity, devotion and loyalty towards the consumers. Lastly we can also induce into the profile that average bloke require a strong, lasting and rational relationship with the brand, not just a temporary one. Marketing strategies consists of the marketing mix, which

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